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IUD (intrauterine device) contraception involves the use of a small plastic and copper device, usually shaped like a ‘T’ that is fitted into the uterus by a trained Marie Stopes International doctor. Insertion only takes a couple of minutes, and depending on the type of IUD contraceptive chosen, it can stay in place and effective for up to 5 or 10 years.

The IUD contraception method works by preventing sperm from meeting an egg, or by preventing an egg settling in the uterus. IUDs can also be used as an emergency method of contraception within five days of unprotected intercourse, or five days after expected ovulation.
IUD contraception is cost-effective in the long run, is highly effective and is completely reversible.
The device has a fine nylon string attached to it which, when in place, comes out through the cervix. You and your doctor can check that the device is still in place by reaching right up inside the vagina and feeling for the string. You will need to check the string on a regular basis.
IUDs may cause periods to be heavier and more painful. The IUD offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV.
IUD contraception is 99% effective.


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