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The contraceptive implant

The contraceptive implant is a small flexible rod (4 cms in length) that is put into the upper arm. It slowly releases the hormone progestogen.

How does the contraceptive implant work? 

The contraceptive implant is a long-acting reversible contraceptive (or LARC). These types of contraception are recommended by Marie Stopes United Kingdom, as they are over 99% effective - they’ve been shown to be 20 times more effective than the pill, patch or vaginal ring.
It stops ovulation (the release of an egg) and thickens the mucus around the cervix, which makes it difficult for sperm to get into the uterus. 
Long-acting methods of contraception all have the advantage that, once in place, you don’t need to think about them until they need replacing and none of them interrupt sex.
Implant advantages

The implant lasts three years, but can be removed earlier.
Fertility returns rapidly after it’s removed.

Things to consider

The implant is inserted like an injection.
Irregular bleeding can occur, but this can often be managed with medication to help it settle down.
Periods may stop, but this is nothing to worry about.
It requires a simple procedure to remove it.
Unlike condoms, it does not protect from sexually transmitted infections.

Implant aftercare advice

If fitted after an abortion, or on days 1-5 of a period, an implant will work straight away. If fitted on another day, use extra precautions such as condoms or abstain from sex for seven days. Keep the site of the implant insertion dry if you can (try wrapping your arm in cling-film when you have a shower). Remove the bandage after 24 hours and the dressing after 2-3 days.

You should have a small wound where the implant was inserted, but it should not be painful, hot or discharging fluid. If you have any concerns call our aftercare line.

It is common for the implant to change your bleeding pattern but it may stay the same. It could be irregular or stop completely which again is normal and nothing to worry about. Your implant will still be effective.
It may take 4-6 months for the implant to settle and for side effects to disappear. Troublesome bleeding lasting more than 4 months can be treated with medication - call our aftercare line to speak to a nurse.
You can have this contraceptive fitted after abortion.  Marie Stopes Vietnam will only offer removal for medical complications.


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