International-standard gynecology and FP clinic system

Prenatal care

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Regular ultrasounds are an important part of your prenatal care. Your doctor will perform an ultrasound along with a clinical examination in order to determine your health status and the health status of your pregnancy. An ultrasound is a simple tool that can help determine gestational age, expected date of delivery, identify fetal abnormalities, ectopic pregnancy or possible obstetric complications.

Early pregnancy testing

Early pregnancy testing is a specific test that detects the 'pregnancy' hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood or urine. HCG is released by the lining of the uterus after a fertilized egg has implanted and is present in both the blood and urine of the woman after implantation has occurred.

Prenatal care

High-quality prenatal care is essential in any pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and the healthy development of her baby. Our prenatal care schedule is designed to support safe pregnancy and labor; avoid obstetric complications during pregnancy and delivery; and assist both mother and baby to thrive after delivery.

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