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Prenatal care

High-quality prenatal care is essential in any pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and the healthy development of her baby. Our prenatal care schedule is designed to support safe pregnancy and labor; avoid obstetric complications during pregnancy and delivery; and assist both mother and baby to thrive after delivery.

High-quality prenatal care helps you determine your health and pregnancy status; screens for risk factors; and helps prevent complications during your pregnancy and delivery.  It is recommended that every woman have at least three prenatal checkups during her pregnancy.

There are several different important components to your prenatal care.  Firstly, your doctor will ask you about your pregnancy history, your medical history and your family history.  Your doctor asks these questions so that they can determine if you are at risk of any pregnancy complications.

Your prenatal care also includes physical examinations and ultrasounds.  Having regular ultrasounds helps to determine that your pregnancy is in the uterus, the number of pregnancies, the gestational age of your pregnancy, the fetal growth status and the estimated date of delivery.  Regular ultrasounds are also necessary in order to identify any possible issues with the pregnancy such as early defects or genetic disorders and allow timely management of these issues.

A few basic tests are also an important part of your prenatal care.  There are several blood tests that we recommend to all pregnant women.  These include: a full blood count, blood group/Rhesus status, glucose, and syphilis/HIV/hepatitis.  These tests are all essential to ensuring the health of both you and your baby during pregnancy.  Urine tests for protein and sugar are also recommended to screen for any possible complications.  Your doctor will also discuss with you any vaccinations that you may require during your prenatal care.

You doctor will also provide important information about staying healthy throughout your pregnancy, with tips on diet and exercise, and physical, psychological and emotional health, to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and be a healthy and happy mother.

Your doctor will discuss with you all recommended components of your prenatal care.  They will ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of your care and will not perform any tests or examinations without your consent.  If you have any concerns about our prenatal care, please discuss them with your doctor.


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