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Why do I need a follow up appointment at a Marie Stopes International clinic after a medical abortion?

At the follow up appointment an ultrasound will be performed to confirm that the termination is complete. If the termination is not complete, your doctor will discuss your treatment options, which may include surgery.

Is there anything I have to do after having a medical abortion?

You will be required to return to the clinic for another short appointment to confirm that the termination is complete, two weeks after your initial appointment. It is essential that you return for this appointment. For one week after taking the medication it is important not to insert anything into your vagina including fingers or tampons (do not use tampons until your next period) and to refrain from having vaginal sex. It is also recommended that you do not perform any strenuous activity, including sport or heavy physical work, and avoid swimming or having a bath (you may shower).

Will having a medical abortion hurt?

You can expect cramping to occur which can range from mild to severe during the medical abortion process. The pain is usually more than a typical menstrual period. You may take pain relief medications such as ibuprofen (as the manufacturer recommends) or as prescribed by the doctor during this time.

What does an ultrasound scan do?

Before you are prescribed the medications for a medical abortion an ultrasound scan will be performed. This is done to assess how many weeks the pregnancy has progressed (the gestation period) and to ensure that it is situated in the uterus. If the ultrasound shows the pregnancy is not in early gestation, you will not be able to have a medical abortion and you will be given full information on proceeding to a surgical termination if you choose to do so.

The purpose of an ultrasound is to determine how many weeks the pregnancy has progressed (your gestation period) and to ensure that there is a pregnancy in the uterus. The scan is not intended for diagnosing any other condition. If the nurse or doctor performing the ultrasound is concerned about anything out of the ordinary they will advise you to see your own doctor.

What will happen during my medical abortion consultation at Marie Stopes International?

Once you have completed the necessary administration requirements, you will have a consultation with a nurse or doctor. When you are sure of your decision, the nurse/doctor will provide you with full information regarding the process. They will discuss with you your medical history and will also discuss various contraceptive methods available for future use. A doctor will prescribe the medications required for your termination and you will be given full instructions on how to take them. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed.

What do I need to bring to my abortion appointment?

Once you have booked in an appointment at a Dr Marie clinic it is essential that you bring with you:
- Any notes you were given by your local doctor
- Any medication you are currently taking (including asthma inhalers)
- Any reports or ultrasound scans of this pregnancy
- Cash, credit or eftpos card for payment on the day.

How long do I have to stay at the clinic after having a medical abortion?

If you have decided to have the medical termination, the appointment process occurs in two stages. The initial consultation at the clinic will generally take up to 2 hours. The second appointment takes place 2 weeks after your initial appointment and is necessary to confirm the termination is complete. It generally takes less than 1 hour. At your initial consultation, the clinic will book you in for the second appointment in advance.

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