The ThinPrep Pap Test

The ThinPrep system combines scientifically-proven technology used to prepare the sample of cervical cells collected by a healthcare professional and a computerised analysis system used by the laboratory to highlight potentially abnormal cells. The two components – the ThinPrep Pap test and the ThinPrep Imaging System – have been extensively studied and used around the world for decades.2

A more effective Pap Test

The ThinPrep Pap test was developed to address some limitations of the conventional Pap test. Studies around the world prove the ThinPrep system is significantly more effective at detecting abnormalities and determining if a woman’s cervix is truly healthy.2*

How the ThinPrep Pap test works

The ThinPrep Pap test is a liquid-based cytology (LBC) test where a woman’s cervical cells are collected by a healthcare professional, transported to the laboratory in the preservative medium and when required, is processed on to a glass slide in a thin, even layer which improves the quality of the slide.2*

Extensively studied and used around the world

The ThinPrep Pap test and ThinPrep Imaging System have undergone more than 170 independent, peer reviewed clinical studies around the world, including Australia. The ThinPrep system is widely used across the developed world, including the USA, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.2-4

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Cervical cancer screening every two to three years can detect any abnormal cell changes caused by HPV, which can then be monitored and/or treated to prevent cancer.

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