Well Women Checkup Package

A well woman checkup/ examination is an exam offered to women to review elements of their reproductive health. It is recommended once a year for most women. The exam includes a breast examination, a pelvic examination and a pap smear but may also include other procedures. Our Health Centres employ strict policies to ensure all examinations don't cause clients stress or embarrassment.

Most healthcare providers also allow the client to specify if they have any preferences towards the examiner's gender. This is done not only to avoid potential embarrassment of having an intimate exam handled by a male, but to also help ensure an environment where the patient feels important questions about her sexual health can be answered truthfully.


The well woman examination by a medical professional is recommended at least once a year to women over 18 years old and/or women who are sexually active. Its importance lies in identifying potential early health problems. The most important tests included in an examination is the breast exam, pelvic exam and the pap test, although some doctors consider other tests in the examination, including measurement of blood pressure, HIV testing, and other laboratory tests such as urinalysis, CBC (Complete blood count) and testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. The procedure is important also to detect certain cancers, especially breast and cervical cancer.

Well women check up package in Marie Stopes clinics includes:

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