Contraceptive injection


Where can I get the contraceptive injection?

In Vietnam, the contraceptive injection is available in hospitals and in medical facilities including Marie Stopes International clinics. Only a specially trained healthcare professional should administer the injection.

How long will the contraceptive injection last?

Each contraceptive injection will provide protection from pregnancy for a full 12 weeks only, so it is important that you have regular injections every 12 weeks to avoid unplanned pregnancy. You should make regular, forward appointments with your healthcare professional to ensure ongoing contraceptive cover. Ultimately it is your responsibility to make an appointment to visit your healthcare professional.

Will the contraceptive injection be effective immediately?

If the contraceptive injection is given within the first five days of the menstrual cycle (where day one is the first day of your period), then it is effective immediately. If it is given at another time during your menstrual cycle, another form of contraception (such as condoms) should be used for the next 7 days to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Your healthcare professional will discuss with you the best time to have the injection, as they firstly need to ensure you are not already pregnant.

How is the contraceptive injection administered?

During your consultation your healthcare professional will firstly discuss and assess the suitability of the contraceptive injection with you, including the advantages and disadvantages. Following the initial consultation and your consent, the doctor or nurse will administer a small, quick injection of the contraception into your buttock or into the muscle of your upper arm.

What are some other things I need to know about the contraceptive injection?

Long term use of the contraceptive injection may reduce the mineral content of bone in some women, which is likely to be reversible when the injections are stopped. Because of this, if you are under 18 or over 45, the injection may not be the best first choice of contraception for you. The contraceptive injection also offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV/AIDS.

Can I have the contraceptive injection if I am breastfeeding?

The contraceptive injection is considered to be a safe method to use during breastfeeding once your infant is 6 weeks old.

What if I want to discontinue with the contraceptive injection? Is it reversible?

Once the contraceptive hormone has been injected it cannot be reversed for 12 weeks and, due to a continuing low level of hormone in the body following the final injection, there may be a further delay in the return of the normal menstrual cycle. When you stop using the contraceptive injections it may take many months for your periods to return to normal (an average of 8 months) and up to 18 months for your fertility to return to normal. Despite this, it is important to start using another form of contraception within 14 weeks of the last injection if you do not want to get pregnant.