Female condom


What is the female condom?

The female condom is a disposable thin polyurethane plastic sheath designed to line the inside of the vagina and prevent sperm from entering. The female condom sheath has two rings: the inner and outer ring. The inner ring inside the sheath helps to insert the condom similarly to a tampon. The outer ring, at the opening of the sheath, remains outside the vagina, and is pushed flat against the labia.
A female condom can be put in any time before sex and has many of the advantages of the male condom, as well as being stronger. Also, because the female condom lines the inside of the vagina, the penis does not have to be withdrawn immediately after ejaculation. It is especially good for women who suffer from allergic reactions to the spermicidal lubricants used with condoms. You need to be sure that the penis enters the condom and isn’t inserted between the condom and the vaginal wall. If used correctly the female condom is 95% effective.