Vaginal ring


Where can I get the vaginal ring?

The vaginal ring is currently not available in Vietnam.

How effective is the vaginal ring?

The vaginal ring is 99% effective if used correctly. Correct use includes removing the ring after three weeks, having a period within 2-3days after removal and inserting a new ring as soon as your period finishes. 
Even if you decided to remove the ring for sex or swimming, as long as is has not been out for longer than three hours it will still be effective.  As with hormonal pills, the ring offers no protection against STIs or HIV/AIDS.
While unlikely, the vaginal ring may fall out, if that happens, it is safe to wash it and reinsert. If it has been out for over three hours it will have to be inserted for seven days to ensure its effectiveness.

What is the vaginal ring?

The vaginal ring is a soft plastic device that is inserted into the vagina and releases both oestrogen and progestogen, which is then absorbed through the wall of the vagina preventing ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries). The vaginal ring can only be used once a month, and is inserted for 3 weeks; removed for 1 week. This can be done without the assistance of a doctor and in the privacy of your own home. You may also decide to remove the device during sex, but that is up to you. Women who have had less than optimal experiences with hormonal contraception in the past may like to try the vaginal ring as it has a very low dose of hormones. The vaginal ring is not suitable for some medical conditions and could be considered expensive. It is important to inform your doctor of any medications you are currently taking before starting the vaginal ring.

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