Can I use tampons after a colposcopy?

No. You should not use tampons and or put anything in your vagina for two days following the colposcopy procedure, or until your doctor tells you it is safe. It is also advised to avoid having sex for two days following the colposcopy.

Is there anything else I need to consider with a colposcopy?

If you are allergic to iodine you need to let the doctor know. You also need to let them know if you are or may be pregnant.

Does this procedure affect having children?

No. The biopsy amount taken from your cervix is very small and removing it will not affect your future pregnancies. However it is important to let your doctor know if you are pregnant now or even if you might be pregnant. This information will change the way the procedure is done.

Will there be bleeding after a colposcopy?

It’s normal to have a little spotting for at least two days after a colposcopy procedure, especially if you also had a biopsy. If you experience excessive bleeding, pain or discomfort after the colposcopy you should contact your doctor immediately.

Does a colposcopy hurt?

Having a colposcopy can be uncomfortable but should not be painful. If your doctor takes a biopsy sample, you may feel slight cramps or pinching when they remove the abnormal tissue. If you experience any severe pain or discomfort you should tell your doctor immediately.

How is a colposcopy done?

The colposcopy procedure involves a speculum being inserted into the vagina so that the cervix can be seen. The doctor then applies a liquid solution to the cervix to assist in identifying any cell changes. If your doctor finds areas of abnormal tissue during the colposcopy, they may also need to perform a biopsy. The biopsy involves removing small samples of tissue from any abnormal areas in the cervix

Why is a colposcopy recommended?

A colposcopy is usually recommended when abnormal cells are detected on the pap smear as there is a possibility that the cells are cancerous and need further investigation. It is an important examination as it can detect cancer of the cervix at an early stage.

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