At MSI clinics, our staff have the ability to diagnose and treat a variety of sexually transmitted and reproductive tract infections and disorders. Whether you are coming to us with symptoms of a possible infection, or just want a routine asymptomatic infection or cancer screen, our staff can discuss with you the best tests and treatments to meet your health needs.

Examination usually involves visual inspection of the external and internal genitalia. Before beginning the examination, it is important to point out to your health care professional any unusual symptoms you have noticed around your genitals, such as a discharge, unusual pain or discomfort, lumps, bumps or rashes.  The doctor or nurse may need to insert a speculum into your vagina; this is a plastic device which allows them to view your cervix.  Your doctor or nurse may then choose to take samples or swabs from your vagina and cervix for testing.
It is important to try to relax as much as possible during the examination as this will make it easier for the doctor or nurse and less uncomfortable for you. If you do feel discomfort, tell the doctor or nurse immediately.