Vasectomy is a very safe and common procedure. However, as with all medical procedures, you should be aware that there are a small number of possible complications. Even though the possibility of these complications occurring is minor, you will receive detailed information on them prior to your procedure. Any medical procedure carries risks so you should always consult a healthcare professional before deciding to proceed.

Your testicles will continue to produce sperm but, because the sperm can’t get through the tubes any more, they simply get reabsorbed into the body. Vasectomy does not affect your male hormones, nor does it affect ejaculation. The only difference when you ejaculate is that there will be no sperm present in the fluid.

Most vasectomy procedures only require about an hour for the appointment, dependent of your doctor, but it’s a good idea to take things easy for a day or two. You might want to take a couple of days off work, especially if your work is very physical. You can drive home after your procedure if you have had a local anesthetic. If you have IV sedation or a general anesthetic you should arrange for someone to collect you as you cannot drive until the next day.